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Our ESOL classes at EastLondonSkills will help you improve your English Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing, Maths up to GCSE, and other subjects such as IT, Science, Tutorials and Enrichment. You will have a dedicated tutor who will guide you throughout the year to make your learning experience rich and interesting.

Target Group

Interested in improving your English fluency and pronunciation? Would want to understand your English speaking colleagues and friends? Do you need to write emails at work or essays at university? Are you learning English for the first time? From beginner level to advanced, we can help you.

You can study on general ESOL courses and practise your speaking, listening, reading or writing. Or you can focus on specific areas such as grammar, conversation and communicating at work. From Entry 1 to Cambridge C2 Proficiency, our wide range of courses will ensure you have the English you need to make progress at work, participate in social life and express yourself fully.

About the Course

Learning outcomes:

Develop and improve English written and spoken communication skills.

Develop the ability to listen and understand the language and to have a greater comprehension of read texts and articles.

Improve reading and writing skills

Improve the use of grammar and correct application of grammar in speaking and writing of standard English

The learners will have opportunity to gain an ESOL qualification from OCR or EDEXCEL/PEARSONS The speaking and listening qualification can also be used for those applying to UKBA for UK Citizenship or indefinite stay in the UK.

How is this Course Delivered?

All of these courses are offered both via our online learning platform ELS Online and Offline (Physical) which are supported with interactive resources and webinars to cover the key topics where you can interact with a tutor and your peers. You will be supported throughout by one of our tutors who will review your progress.



    - You can register at any time

    - Evenings and day time courses available
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