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We are an approved exam centre for Edexcel and OCR

Private Examination Candidate are always welcomed

We offer a wide range of GCSE/IGCSE subjects to meet your needs

We also offer additional revision and tutorial support

Our exam halls and exam process meet JCQ inspection examination arrangements

We are located on Stratford Broadway, entrance on Tramway Avenue

Target Group

This is targeted towards private candidates and those who missed out on gaining acceptable GCSE grades at school, the prospect of re-entering study to do better can be a daunting one, but often it is required for one reason or another.

Whether it is for a new employer, so you can study a subject in further education, or just for your own self-improvement, completing and bettering you GCSE grades can do wonders for your self-confidence and career prospects.

About the Course

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) courses are subject based academic qualification normally studied between the ages of 14 and 16 in schools across the country. They act as a guideline on your ability to complete further study and your competencies across a wide range of subjects.

Some GCSEs are considered core competencies across a wide range of employment opportunities, specifically an adequate pass in English and Maths. Getting this important qualification can be the difference between you landing a job you love or spending the rest of your life stuck in the same job.

How is this Course Delivered?

All of these courses are offered both via our online learning platform ElsOnline and Offline (Physical) which are supported with interactive resources and webinars to cover the key topics where you can interact with a tutor and your peers. You will be supported throughout by one of our tutors who will review your progress.



    Fill in the application forms below and send back to us asap

    Add your exam entries (i.e. Unit Code, Subject Name if known)

    ELS will then validate your entries and generate a payment amount and send back the details to you

    Once you have made the payment, we will place your entries with the Exam Board

    Closer to the exam, you will be sent your individual Statement of Entries and Exam Timetables

    Please be aware that Late Entry fees will apply

    During Exam:

    Candidates must bring in their ID and arrive 10 minutes before the exam.
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