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Teacher's Training

Course Title

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PTLLs: Preparing to Teach in Life-long Learning

CTLLs: Certificate in teaching in Life-Long Learning

Target Group

The programme is designed for teachers who are teaching or who intend to teach in the further education sector (14+). Those with very limited teaching commitments can use this as a qualification to validate their teaching practice; those who have more substantial teaching commitments will be able to use it to gain QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills).

About the Course

The PTLLS course is the first stage of a two tier programme of initial Further Education teacher training based on the Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) criteria. The first level is an award at level 3 and the second is a certificate at Level 4. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) is a stand-alone course of initial basic teacher training conferring ‘threshold status to teach’.

The coursework portfolio consists of three theoretical assignments and one practical, including a micro-teach. There are 4 units in all, each unit consisting of several criteria to be met as laid down by the standard.

The sessions are in 4 parts, session 1 covering units one and two, session 2 covering the third and forth units, session 3 for the micro-teach and session 4 for final assessments. Learners must attend all the session to pass the course.

Completed portfolios are expected to be handed over on the final day of the course date usually set for 2 weeks after the 4th session.

Successful candidates will be awarded one of two grades, depending upon the quality and complexity of their work. These will be either a Level Three Award (on the same level as A level or BTEC National) or a level Four Award (CTLLS- on the same level as a diploma). To obtain a Level Four Award, all of the tasks have to be assessed at this level.

How is this Course Delivered?

All of these courses are offered  both via our online learning platform ElsOnline and Offline (Physical) which  are supported with interactive resources and webinars to cover the key topics where you can interact with a tutor and your peers. You will be supported throughout by one of our tutors who will review your progress.

Course Content

Learning outcomes: Is divided into 4 units These are as follows:

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

  • Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

  • Using Inclusive learning and teaching Approaches in Lifelong learning

  • Principles of Assessment in Lifelong learning



- Can enrol at any time

- Work at own pace

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